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Sovereign Health Group is known for following an effective plan for treating individuals recovering from mental health disorders, addiction and co-occurring conditions. Our philosophy known as The Sovereign Way follows the commitment to individualized, clinically-driven and evidence-based treatment for our patients. Sovereign uses cutting edge technology and high quality treatment methods to provide each client with the tools for a lasting wellness.

Sovereign Health provides treatment programs for mental health disorders, drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring conditions, also known as dual diagnosis. Our addiction and mental health programs make sure to provide each client with the tools they need to overcome and control their problems and lead a happy and healthy life.

These programs include not only a thorough assessment for each patient, but also “aid” their physical and mental process through the use of cognitive labs and brain wellness training. The assessment process includes a medical evaluation, psychological and genetic testing and a psychiatric evaluation to identify any underlying conditions. We identify areas of a patient’s cognitive functioning that may need work and seek to help strengthen or rebuild these mental muscles through brain wellness training, brain mapping and cognitive labs. Brain mapping and cognitive labs allow us to monitor what needs improvement and where progress is being made; brain wellness training helps the restore the brain functionality.

We offer our patients different therapies in order to allow them the best options for their treatment and their continued wellness. This includes group and individual therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-based therapy or process groups. We also include alternative forms of therapy such as narrative therapy, yoga, meditation, equine therapy and more. The list of therapies provides each client with the help they need that will benefit their road to recovery and teach them important skills to combat negative behavioral patterns.

Sovereign wants to help as many people as possible. We currently have facilities in California, Utah, Arizona and Florida, each equipped with a well-trained and multi-disciplinary staff. This growing list of locations allows us to provide our services to more people including adult and adolescent males and females recovering from mental health disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, co-occurring conditions and in one location, recovering from trauma. Each location is in a serene and safe setting where clients may focus on their recovery with the help of our knowledgeable staff members.

The Sovereign Way also means we help provide current and effective treatment that doesn’t stop after our clients leave. We offer a continuing care program for alumni, led by a team that is dedicated to our program graduates. The alumni services help patients stay connected and are provided with a supportive community.

Sovereign also likes to make sure that we contribute to the medical community. We produce informative blogs, disperse monthly newsletters and other media materials to keep our readers up-to-date on everything happening in the behavioral treatment community and within Sovereign Health. We host educational webinars that teach each audience member more about dealing with addiction and mental health treatment all while offering the benefit of a free C.E. credit.

The Sovereign Way is based on providing specialized and current treatment programs to men and women seeking help with addiction, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders in as many locations as possible. We ensure that each treatment program is effective for our patients. We seek to provide long lasting wellness through continued support, both in and outside of our programs for current clients, alumni and their families. Finally, we make sure to provide services not only to our clients but also to our community by producing engaging and informative media materials and educational opportunities that benefit both medical and non-medical parties alike.

The Sovereign Way provides solutions for a happier and healthier life to those in need and to the community. Sovereign is also dedicated to being innovative, a quality that is best portrayed by our use of the natural assisted detox. This holistic process is composed of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help a client through their purifying process. The Natural Assisted Detox helps to facilitate and speed up the detox process, reduces discomfort and helps in the reparation process of the brain.