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RECOVERY is an aftercare program that provides support to individuals recovering from mental illness and making their commitment to a new and meaningful life. More than half of people who go through treatment are vulnerable to relapse over time. This emphasizes the significance of post treatment aftercare and follow-up programs that provide help for such candidates participate in and continue to live a meaningful life. RECOVERY involves assisting the individual in his or her return to normal life, dealing with stress, finding a healthy social network. Individuals are encouraged to participate in support groups programs. Individual therapy may also be continued throughout the aftercare process. If mental illness was attributed to trauma or mood disorder, counseling and/or medications may need to be continued.


This program will be beneficial to you in resuming wellness in your life and…

  • Good Relationships
  • Financial Security
  • Satisfying Work
  • Personal Growth
  • The right living environment
  • Developing one’s own cultural or spiritual perspectives
  • Developing resilience to possible adversity or stress in the future.
  • Being believed in
  • Being listened to and understood
  • Getting explanations for problems or experiences
  • Having the opportunity to temporarily resign responsibility during periods of crisis.